Makeup Work

Week of 10-7 to 10-11

Week of 10-14 to 10-17

The essay test was due on 10-08-2013.  This is the priority for making up work, because it is a test grade.


Thursday 10-10-2013 - On Schoology, go to Pages.  There is a video entitled, "Rationalism."  View the video and take notes on the content.  After you watch the video and take notes, go to Tests/ Quizzes and take the quiz entitled "Rationalism.


Friday 10-11-2013 - Read The Declaration of Independence.  On Schoology, go to Tests/ Quizzes.  This is not an actual quiz; it's just easier to grade when I format it like this.  The assignment is resumable, so you can leave the quiz and come back to it.

Monday - Study video on Rationalism (found under Pages on Schoology).  Take quiz on Rationalism.  This was homework that was due on Monday 10-14.  In class, we read The Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin and answered the questions in the margin in the textbook.


Tuesday - Today we had library orientation.


Wednesday and Thursday - Make sure you have notes in a notebook on Rationalism.  Complete the assignment entitled Classwork 10-16 (Rationalism) on Schoology under assignments.



Policy for Make Up Assignments


Students are permitted to make up work missed during absences for any of the following reasons:


Participation in a school-sponsored activity

Personal illness

Medical requirements

Family illness

Death of an immediate family member

Observance of a religious holiday

Orders of government gencies

Hazardous conditions



Students must complete any missed assignments within five school days after the student returns to school.  Any assignments or proejcts given prior to days of absence are due immediately upon the first day a student returns with the exception of electronically submitted assignments.  Unless approved by the teacher, electronically submitted assignments should still be submitted when assigned prior to the student's absence.